Hello to you from me!

Hello and welcome! My dream is to record awesome, inspiring music and share it with people who love it too. :) Here I share with you some original songs and some familiar jazzy standards, pop tunes and a variety of other stuff...I guess you could say there's something for every mood. 

I am excited to launch my 'Jazzy Cool Merchandise' page. My 'logo' for this unique merchandise is actually bits'n'pieces of musical charts I wrote by hand and, using scissors and scotch tape (!) CUT and PASTED them into artwork for the CD. Now it's on cool tote bags, hats and drink coasters! Go order something cool.

If you are already part of my Jazzy Cool Online Music Community, great! If you would like to join, click the Facebook logo (on the right) and 'Like' my FB page.  If not, no worries. I get it. Too much to do already. But it's fun....and u have to do nothing but enjoy! You'll get posts by yours truly of inspirational, tasty, musical, funny things that I adore and I think you will too! 

Have a COOL day and I hope you enjoy grooving to my music as much as I enjoyed recording it for you.  So glad you're here!


Lisa :)