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You dont what love is la twidge
Just the way you look tonight la widget
Makin whoopee la widget
One for my baby la widget
Les mis la widget
My funny valentine la widget

Piano, vocals and more...

I just realized something.

On this page I previously wrote "I love the Sirius XM stations Siriusly Sinatra and Watercolors and hope to one day get added to their rosters too!"

Guess what? I was recently added to the Siriusly Sinatra station (WOW!) and I'm over the moon about it! I'm SO honored to be a part of the Siriusly Sinatra family {Sirius XM Channel 71} especially since I've always been a huge Sinatra fan and adore these great songs!

I play piano and sing. I write songs, arrange music, produce and mix. I'm a DIY musician. Here I'm sharing my interpretations of lots of different types of music from originals, to solo piano to band productions. There are some familiar jazz standards, pop tunes, meditation type music and a variety of other stuff...I guess you could say there's something for every mood. It has been said we give what we need and I hope whatever you choose to listen to here makes you feel good. :)

In addition to the Siriusly Sinatra channel my music can be heard on Pandora, Spotify, Reverb Nation, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. 

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Have an awesome day and I hope you enjoy my music as much as I enjoyed recording it for you. Happy to have you here!


Lisa :)

Stay tuned for a new release I hope to have out this year. I have 6 songs I've written that are almost ready for production so I'm about halfway there! There are so many more songs from The Great American Songbook I will be recording soon. If I do one CD, I may as well do two. Ha. Cheers and again, thanks for listening!


On January 17, 2018 'Lisa Addeo' was welcomed to Siriusly Sinatra on Sirius XM.


On November 14th, 2017 'Lisa Addeo' on Pandora added 4,000 new Pandora spins from Lisa Addeo (Holiday) songs, 1.9X more than the expected average over the last 40 days!

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Love playing and singing 'Like Someone In Love'. Enjoy! :):)

Love playing and singing 'Like Someone In Love'. Enjoy! :):)

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